DIY project - Book shelves

Let me tell you about an indoor "activity".

Due to our habit of buying more than one book at a time, the books kept invading and over flooding the house.

Eventually, the entropy has reached its maximum limit and we had to find a better solution to store them.

I have started to draw sketches and to measure the empty corners of the living room, where some book shelves could have been squeezed in. Tough job, as the apartment was already full!

After a few months of drawings, we stopped at what seemed to be the final shape and place for them, we called a guy, recommended by a colleague to be "serious and fast-working", we showed him the drawings, he backed them up, we chose the color of the MDF (as he was not working with wood), he named a pretty huge price, which we didnít argue, just wishing to see things done and... the deal was off the very moment I have asked for an invoice.

I have got quite mad at him, given the price he had asked for, but life goes on. Since I didnít find anything already built available in the stores to match our empty spaces, I started to look at the offers of raw material warehouses.

So in December we bought hard wood, cut in pieces and, after a postponing due to an aggressive flu that hit me right after Christmas, I started my career as a "carpenter" at the end of January: polishing, staining, polishing again, varnishing, polishing again, varnishing again. Meanwhile, the books piled up in the middle of the room.

By the end of March (and after 5 days in Vienna) we brought all the pieces inside the house and had them installed. We let them completely dry until we were convinced that the last layer of varnish hardened enough before re-arranging the living room.

Meanwhile, the arrangement plan changed, as the original one related to MDF, which was to be placed further away from the wooden furniture and now we had two new wooden shelves.

In February, someone was asking about a deadline. When I said: "I really hope to finish by 1st of May", he kind of burst into laughter. Guess what? I completely rearranged everything by May 3rd, 3:00AM. May 3rd and 4th were used for cleaning the rest of the house, as the 5th was supposed to be for Easter lunches at parents' places. But in the end, it completely paid up all our efforts: we got back our living room!


We still buy more than one book at a time, in a near future we might have a deja-vu...

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